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Windows security icon in the Windows 11 taskbar on / off!

Change of the color setting Windows 11!

Windows 11 prevents hibernation when closing the laptop!

Login background clear or blurry under Windows 11/10!

Convert JPG image file to PDF under Windows 11!

Deactivate docking in Windows 11!

Adjust color filter settings in Windows 11!

System update time for Windows 11 is displayed!

Find Character Map in Windows 11!

System info in Windows 11 to see important information!

Windows 11 automatic playback / auto-play shortcut on the desktop!

Windows 11 MS Terminal APP desktop shortcut!

Disable automatic drive defragmentation in Windows 11, 10, ...!

Explorer View Grouping, hows to turn off in Q-Dir list views!

Activate file extension in the file-type column!

Desktop Shortcut for Drives Safely Remove and Eject!

The Silver Aero Clock for Windows Desktops all OS!

Effective unlocking of gapped files under Windows 10, 8.1, ...!

Image Comparison - Preview in Internal Explorer and Image Viewer!

Protect your hardware on the computer!

Keep the Microsoft Windows PC on or put to sleep!

Maybe the Windows 11, 10 problem is related to the faulty RAM update!

Detect the Folder Size, File Number and Folder Count!

Test your Lcd if it is OK or not OK!

CPU frequency query W10, W7 without if and but also V1 for W98!

Easy detect the Color Value RGB, HLS, .... like a Professional!

Virtual pointer stick, good for projectors and PowerPoint!

You're welcome! Notice that I don't care -)

Mouse traces of snow flakes under W10!

Adjustments of the digital desktop CLOCK on Windows 11, 10, ...!

Always Mouse Wheel for no focus Windows on all MS OS!

Quad Explorer with single window mode plus preview!

Add folder with subfolder and files to change the timestamp!

Favorites KOs for a quick termination of the windows processes!

Backing up and restoring the position of icons on your desktop!

Also as dark, eg Dark Theme Desktop Notes!

Windows BIN to ISO Converter Software for free 10, 8.1, 7.0 and MS Server Systems!

Monitor.Turn.Off.Timer.OK switch off the monitor after the time has elapsed!

Delete non-erasable files if restarts the MS Windows 11, 10, ... PC and Server! 

12 or More BUGs for the Windows 11, 10, ... Desktop and MS Server OS!

Mouse balls for the mouse pointer on Windows 11, 10, ... Desktop or MS Server OS!

Show the Windows 11, 10, ... Experience Index or re-calculation of the performance! 


OK.It's.Raining.Men raindrops on Windows desktop no matter if 10, 8.1 or so!

Quickly paste often used text om Windows via Clipboard Copy / Paste commands!

Run dialog alternative for Windows 11 / 10 / 8.1 / 7 / ...

Quick access to essential drive and system functions!

Output path (without the file name) as a separate column!

Mouse tolerance range, 1-10 pixels in Auto Power Options OK!

For what stop sleep computer program?

You do not need a Windows magnifier to discover the errors in memory!

The folder size evaluation does not start with Windows!

The right font for every note and every door on Windows 11, 10, ...!

WEBP, EMF, WMF, ... in Q-Dir File Explorer views!

Why need to update Quad-Explorer for MS OS so often?

Jump to a certain point in the Explorer history / navigation!

Windows Explorer as the default file manager!

Quickly set a fixed time for the file time!

Minimize all windows if the mouse pointer does not move for a certain time!

Activate and deactivate the mouse wheel auto scroll function!

Switch user Save / Restore Desktop Icons and Windows!

DesktopOK only as Unicode from version 4.63!

Auto Word Wrap Example for Microsoft Excel and Word and other Office Tools!

Add my text plus what is in the clipboard, example!

Safely remove hardware if icon is missing, it works on Windows 10, 8.1, ...! 

Uninstall the Mouse Speed keeper on Windows 10, 8.1, 7!

Find similar or same images in different folders!

Screensavers prevent under Windows 11, 10, 8.1, ...!

WIA, or TWAIN scanner interface support on Windows!

See the full load on the new CPU and watch it in the Windows 11/10 Task Manager!

Shrink pictures for Instagram, Facebook and co?

Force Windows Time Format in the Desktop Clock!

Activate several line tabs in the Quad Explorer Q-Dir!

Always start the Quad Explorer for Windows maximized!

Manage your own files in all four Explorer views!

The Quad Explorer on Windows 10/11 as a portable app in the Startup folder!

Save individual columns plus file explorer views under Win 10, 8.1, ...!

Activate and see more media columns in the Quad Explorer!

Permanently delete files from system default setting!

Quad Explorer: Quickly locate the windows working directory!

Tools - Tray Features - Screenshot Tool Info!

Deactivate the automatic arrangement of the symbols under Windows!

Simply type in bold, italic or underlined:

Set files to status hidden on Windows 11 or 10!

Favorites in the navigation area of ​​Windows 11 and 10 File Explorer!

Hide drives in Windows 10/11 File Explorer!

When keystrokes in Explorer the search field is selected / jumps on?

The search field in File Explorer is too small (narrow, away) Windows 11/10?

The computer was protected by Windows - turn it off (deactivate)!

Disable screen lock Windows 10/11, but how to?

Folder everybody permissions on Windows 10 (free for everyone)?

The network path was not found on Windows 10 / 11!

Update the keyboard driver in the device manager on Windows 11, 10, ...!

The keyboard does not respond, or incorrectly under Windows 11, 10, 8.1, ...!

Download Free Scan to PDF Tool for Windows 11, 10, ...!

Download NET Framework 4.8, 3.5, 2.0 for Windows 11/10!

Help on Windows 10/11 I can not copy the files, what am I doing wrong?

Deactivate background apps under Windows 11 / 10, clear RAM!

Windows 10 Edge on the desktop and quick launch bar as a shortcut?

Change PC name Windows 10/11!

Windows 10/11 delay while typing?

How can I shut down the Windows 10?

Show clock and time in the start menu in Windows 11 / 10!

With several Monitors make the Windows 11 or 10 desktop better to use!

Windows 10 / 11 desktop is gone, what can I do?

Windows 10 / 11 goes to sleep too early!

Differences between Windows 11 and Windows 10?

Understand a user profile under Windows 11, 10, 8.1 and MS server!

Enable print logging on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, ... and MS Server!

Get old printers up and running on Windows 11 or 10 (Setup)!

Run MMC on all Windows Desktop and Server!

Identify the big resource consumer on MS Windows 11, 10, ... OS!

Image comparison software windows 11, 10, 8.1, ...!

Hot Tip Windows 10/11 Activate classic GodMode!

Program files x86 and Windows 10/11!

Show Message Box if move files to recycle bin om Windows 11 or 10!

shell:Common AppData on Windows 10 / 11!

Power options changes in Windows 11/10!

Change if the calendar is displayed in Chinese!

Uninstall Win 10/11 all apps in one go with a shot, how to?

Find and Open the Internet Options in MS Windows OS!

The Edge Browser hangs, cannot be closed on Windows 10 / 11!

Wordpad appears in the taskbar but the window is not visible!

Set the line spacing in WordPad on Windows 10/11!

The sticky notes Windows 10 or Windows 11!

WINVER Windows 10/11!

The credential management on Windows 10/11!

See all system components under Windows 11, 10, 8.1, ...!

How much memory does windows 10 / 11!

Disk check when starting Windows 10 / 11, then black screen?

Move, copy, understand differences and the thought traps!

Bypass the trash (recycle bin) when deleting under Windows 10/11!

Change boot loader Windows 11, 10, ... OS !

Easy ways to get the Windows 10/11 product key (not a hack)!

Is my Windows 10 / 11 up to date?

Back to Windows 7 / 8.1 from Windows 10, but how (8.1)?

Change Windows 10 update settings, quick fix!

Cortana window cannot be closed in Windows 10 / 11?

Search for the best Image Comparison tools for Windows 10 / 11! 

Desktop clock in silver without transparency!

Rotate the image or scan before create a PDF!

Fonts Print Overview!

Rotated Random Snow Flakes on the Desktop!

Mark pictures correctly with the keyboard + mouse in File Explorer!

Auto Expand Quick Access folders in Q-Dir, Windows 11, 10, 8.1!

Adapt to green nature the desktop Classic Watch for Windows!

Selected text to uppercase or lowercase Word Example!

A List of Windows Shell:Folders Commands?

Can I securely delete the data in the business area, ergo commercially?

Delete Secure the Files and Shutdown the PC, the explanation!

Find out arguments of running programs with PowerShell!

Quickly change the Windows 11, 10, ... language with PowerShell!

How do I remove the reboot deletion program from my windows 11, 10?

ListView_GetItemImage, ListView_GetISubtemImage!

LCD monitors, laptop screens and fixed screen resolution is wrong?

Change background on computer Windows (11, 10, 8.1, 7)?

The Folder options!

Local Security Police account lockout duration on MS Windows OS!

Too fast cursor in Windows text editors?

Disable simple file sharing in Windows 11, 10, 8.1, ...?

The network drive folder keeps disappearing?

How can I burn a BIN image file?

Open file by simple left click or execute if don't wan a double-click!

Domain, Home, Work, Public network, Homegroup, Workgroup Windows?

What is svchost.exe on Windows?

What is Unicode / I need that?

Take over the directory when starting the terminal APP!

Serial number of the hard disk under Windows 11, 10, ... via command prompt!

Set maximum password age / expiration date via Windows PowerShell!

Is my Windows User a Microsoft Account or a Local command line query!

The PowerShell command to shut down the computer!

Command to assign local folders as network drives with drive letters!

CPU processor information via the command prompt!

Can you query x64 or x32 via cmd command?

How do I force a logoff via command line, Windows 11, 10, 8.1, .. and MS Server?

How can I start the program at a certain time CMD, with examples?

How to list (see) all users via command line?

Copy only the directory structure and not the files!

Taskkill with the Cmd.exe, how to use correct and useful with examples!

Quickly insert bullets and numbered lists in Word!

Activate or deactivate MS Outlook message sound!

Excel cells in the table are merged, can you separate them again?

How can I print everything on one page in Excel?

The most important Office keyboard shortcuts in MS Word!

Excel, Word and Office in the Start menu?

Unfortunately my Bitdefender Security started in GetWindowText?

Can I use the 3D desktop clock on Windows 11?

Use a custom user texture for the desktop CLOCK!

Show The Window Desktop Clock seconds pointer, how to?

Reboot and Delete without query, what does The File Unlocker then?

Exclude folders from the search that should not be printed?

Does printing the directories work in all Windows operating systems?

Can I filter certain file types in the folder contents printing?

Can I really give the comparison tool to everyone to compare pictures?

Can I also compare Camera Raw files, like in Photoshop?

Folder vs. Folder and Compare if search for similar images?

Does the energy efficiency improvement tool work on MS Windows 11?

Why adjust the Windows Energy Options automatically?

Security and Maintenance Change settings under Windows 10?

Windows 10 Home local users and groups are missing, why this?

Disable Windows 10 Taskbar Grouping and Small Icons about Registry?

Wlan or WiFi speed under Windows 10 / 11 see how does it work?

Change Windows 10 and 11 Sleep Settings, how to?

Find the Disk Manager in the Computer Management on Windows 10/11!

Where is the Send To folder in Windows 10 / 11, how to open?

How to teach your handwriting style on Windows 10/11 and the recognizer?

Can i do a Touch Screen Calibration on Windows 10 and 11 Tablets and PC?

Disable the lock screen in Windows 10 / 11 , how to?

How to change the desktop theme in Windows-10 (download)?

How to remove the OneDrive folder from File Explorer in Windows-10?

Disable preview in the Taskbar of Windows 10, how to?

How to find Recovery options in Windows 10 Home and Pro (reset, clear)?

How to change in Windows 10/11 the Screensaver, enable or disable?

Shortcut for Device Manager on Windows-10 Desktop, how to?

Find short sticky notes tool for Windows 10/11 Desktop, how to?

Windows 10 Home or Pro version?

Where are the Auto Update settings in Windows 10 (enable / disable)?

Windows 10 Explorer has no status bar with file information, why?

Open Windows-10/11 Control-Panel and Change to classic view?

How to change keyboard speed, Windows 10 / 11 typing speed is slow?

Hibernation settings Windows 10 / 11 (turn off, enable, disable)?

Show My-Computer and Control Panel on Desktop in Windows 11 and 10?

Fastest way to switch user in Windows 10, 11 without log-off?

Does my graphics card support the new DirectX 12 in Windows 10/11?

Can I rename the This-PC in My-Computer on Windows 10?

If you could remove the mouse focus of the magnifier?

Don't Sleep works in MS Windows 11!

Unfortunately, Don't Sleep hangs on Windows 10 and 11 after a while!

How to force the standby, I don't like hibernate on Windows 11, 10, 8.1 Tablet-PC?

Does Don't Sleep change the power saving options on the system?

Can Auto Hide Mouse Cursor Free always start minimized (to-tray)?

What is the difference between video and film?

What should I do if my Norton or McAfee Antivirus is expired?

DDR, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, DDR5 - Data transfer speed!

When does support for Windows Server 2012 end?

Microsoft Surface Pro sound card defective, what can I do?

What are EPUB files?

Is Adobe Acrobat OEM a full version, which is better for PDFs?

If an EXE file is blocked in Windows Firewall, are the DLL files blocked too?

What is Windows 2011?

Shredder for Windows Desktop and Server OS!

Microsoft's Microsoft Office should also be available for free, but where?

Should I use at feed scan TIF, JPG BMP or PNG for pages?

Should I use WIA, or TWAIN scanner interface?

Change the default location for scanned documents!

How to change the Quality of scanned eg. saved PDF-File?

File search with filter and (include or exclude) the files!

Help I can not save the pictures from the Office documents on the desktop!

Can i test on the second monitor the pixels?

How to find and open the Cookies folder in Windows 8.1 and 10?

Force update at local group policy changes in Windows 8.1, 10, 11 ...!

Why can I not delete a VHD file in Windows 8.1 or 10?

Access to hidden options in Windows 10 and 8,1 Explorer, via mouse!

Quick dock and compare the windows under Windows 8.1 / 10!

Burn an ISO image to a DVD using CMD commands in Windows 8.1, 10?

Prevent Recovery of deleted files under Windows 10 / 8.1 without additional software!

Windows 8.1, 11, 10: Where are the default images for users (picture, directory)!

How To Restore on Windows 8.1 or 10 Files and Folders?

Windows 8.1 or 10 to Extend test period in or delay activation tool!

Additional Clocks in MS Windows 8.1 and 10 taskbar!

Use Internet Explorer 10 or 11 as the default browser in Windows 8.1 and 10 (define)!

Start the Device Manager on Windows 8, 8.1 and Win 10 (open, find, run)!

Include or exclude in Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10 compressed files when searching for files (. ZIP,. CAB, etc.)!

Copy Windows 8.1 and 10 folder view settings for all folders, (match, transfer)?

Help, the Windows 8, 10 Explorer does not update e.g. auto refresh the file list view?

Can I disable in Windows 8 automatically arranged of desktop icons (10, 7, 8.1)?

How to set in Windows 8.1 / 10 associations for file type: open with multiple programs or apps?

Auto create system restore points in Windows 8.1 / 10, how to enable/disable and/or adjust?

How can i connect with Windows 8 / 10 by using Remote Desktop Connection (command, cmd prompt)?

Activate Windows 8 / 10 and 8.1 screen saver via screensaver settings!

Download the Windows 8 and 8.1 Enterprise directly and test it 90 days for free!

Restore system files and settings from a Windows-10/8.1 Restore Point!

How do I know if I'm running Windows 8.1 x32/x86 (32 bit) or x64 (32-bit) installed edition ?

Windows-8 and 8.1 on Oracle VM VirtualBox, i got an error message during installation!

Windows-8 HAL_INITIALIZATION_FAILED error message during installation?

What is the maximum size of my YouTube video (file, length)?

Where can I find the settings for Facebook ads?

Can you download Chrome for Windows 10!

Google Analytics doesn't track the referral, why?

How can i change the Language on PayPal.com?

Change the font size when comparing under MS Windows OS and the character map!

Register all the fonts without installation, for other Windows programs, how to?

Why the stress test for the Windows computer?

On Android Phone adjust mouse and touch speed ie Samsung Galaxy?

AndroidAP Password for Samsung Galaxy (forgot, to change, enter new)?

Re-run Assessment, problem Experience Index command line?

Are there any limitations for the file size of not compressible file?

Can I use the stopwatch as a teacher for classwork!

I have ordered a new computer, pixel query does not work !?

How can I uninstall the MultiClipBoardSlots from Windows OS!

What does the hide system mouse pointer feature?

Having problems with certain image formats when adjusting the image size?

Can I still create the short door notes under Windows 11?

Download Visual Studio 2019 to create APPs!

Download free trial versions from Adobe.com!

Windows 7 direct download links all versions!

Why do the heart flakes rotate on the Windows Desktop OS?

I get a lot of emails regarding program expansion!

Windows protected your PC on MS Desktops, Server and Mobile?

Can I continue to use the mouse tracks / trails on Windows 11?

How to define the mouse tracks on Windows itself. Order, texture?

For drives, show the letter before the name in the file explorer!

Difference 7-Zip and Zip format, archive!

Windows system file recovery program (example)!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of exFat in Windows 10, 8.1, 7, ...?

Formatting or Quick Formatting?

The desktop clock as a taskbar overlay on Windows 11!

Let the digital desktop clock start with all MS Windows 11, 10, ... OS!

Does the Quad-Explorer Q-Dir work under Windows 11?

Status bar or prefer none in the Explorer Views on Windows all OS?

Edit Q-Dir *.qdr file for a custom start of the quad file explorer!

Hidden and System Files in MS Windows Explorer and Quad-Explorer, (show, hide)!

How to select non adjacent files in explorer list view?

Being able to disable auto-arrange within folders?

Change the default action of pressing WIN+E! 

IE11.0 was now automatically updated to the latest ver., but on the surface is nothing to see?

Show the folder size / number of files in a column, does that work?

Is there a way to start Q-Dir with a parameter of path for Explorer-Views?

How can i change the colour of the header bar of the active window?

How to add  google or bing search to the i-net feature in File Explorer?

Has the Quad-Dir-Explorer fast access to frequently used programs?

How can i manage, bacup or delete the favorites for all Explorer Views in Q-Dir?

How can i pictures and posters print from File Explorer Views?

Required extension: WGL_ARB_pbuffer is not supported?

Drag and Drop Problem when use Always Mouse Wheel drag feature!

How do I take a picture of a specific window on MS Windows OS!

What is Alt-Gr for a key?

Difference between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi / WLAN!

Do files in the Recycle Bin take up space?

Difference between standard user and administrator / accounts?

How do I find out which Windows I have?

Difference between paralyzed and dead pixels?

Difference between picture and photo (photo)?

Keyboard shortcuts window change under Windows, with examples!

How to create a desktop shortcut for everyone on Windows!

What does the smart screen do under Windows, what for, why?

Where can I find documents on Windows?

How do I get directly and quickly to the Windows desktop?

Used RAM Windows, no deposit found?

Turn-Off or -On the Auto Updates in MS Office!

Data transfer rates for DDR, DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4, how fast?

Workplace, This PC and computer, where is the difference?

How do I start the cmd.exe?

Change the desktop background to a solid color while hiding the icons!

Does the alternate command prompt work on Windows 11?

Export the output of the command prompt (cmd.exe) TXT, RTF, HTML!

Cannot modify the timestamp of the file earlier than January 1, 1980?

Bug with time zones / summer time!

Where does the desktop clock save the settings on MS Windows 10/11?

How to hide cursor while typing in windows 11 or 10?

Can I turn off the touchscreen function on Windows 11?

Should I hack Windows 11 for unsupported PCs?

What printer drivers can I use for Windows 11?

Do I have Home or Pro version of Windows 11?

Can I mount DVDs on Windows 11 without additional software?

Can I also install Win 11 on the same PC with Windows 10?

Windows 11 sometimes appears in different languages, why?

How to set internet data limit in Windows 11?

Why doesn't Windows 11 have the libraries?

Can I set PDF as the default printer for Windows 11?

How to activate game mode in Windows 11?

Windows 11: manage, backup and restore network passwords!

Where can I find the quick settings in Windows 11?

Can I set a timer, stopwatch or alarm in Windows 11?

The system taskbar symbols disappear under Windows 11?

Activate classic start menu on Windows 11 out of 10?

Would you like to display the title window in the Windows 11 taskbar?

Where is the administrator run dialog on Windows 11?

Use the old file explorer in Windows 11?

Will my programs work with Windows 11?

Can I upgrade Windows 10 to Windows 11?

Hi, is it possible to kill all favorite processes at once?

How to restart windows programs or processes with ProcessKO?

How do I increase the speed of the HDD (SSD / HD)?

After Windows 10/11 update, the desktop icon save positions tool does not work!

After the last MS update, parts of my desktop icons were lost!

How to translate DesktopOK in your language for Windows 11, 10, 8.1, ...!

Can I save the desktop icon layout in the company without Admin rights?

Is there a way i can stop it from saving the file to my desktop?

How do I sort the order for the Copy Paste menu?

QuickTextPaste_x64.exe or QuickTextPaste.exe?

How to see is it an important Windows Hot-Key, not occupied or in use?

What can I do with copy_text_uc and copy_text_lc ?

How can I backup the individual entries or export from Quick-Text-Paste?

I always get an OpenGL error message on MS Windows OS?

Do I have to shoot the corona viruses? 

I can only shut down or hide the note but there is no way to delete it?

Add desktop context menu for Windows security settings!

Can I continue to use the desktop calendar under Windows 11?

I do not want to keep the calendar running in the background!

Is remote support also possible with Window-7 (Starter / Pro)?

Eject the CD or DVD Drive via the Desktop Context Menu or Keyboard Shortcut, how to?

Change Shared Folders and Hard Drives in Windows 7 or add and remove!

Windows 7 fax and scan, how to find?

Turn-off the Windows 7 to a specific time without and with additional software (shutdown.exe)?

Change your Account Picture in Windows-7 or Browse for new Account Image!

How to display my Computer as a menu in Windows-7 start menu?

How to turn off the intuitive filename sorting in Windows 7, if so, how?

How to change Computer name and workgroup name (settings) in Windows 7?

Help, Windows 7 has no games (find, install, play)?

How can I activate the Preview feature in Windows 7 Explorer?

What is the difference between Windows 7 Home, Professional, and Ultimate?

How big should be the Windows 7 disk partition?

Can I download the Windows 7 test version (2019)?

Remove My magazine from home screen start on the Android smart phone!

What is a TPM 2.0 chip!


What is lock screen?

What is a Windows Defender Application Guard?

What is a benchmark?

What is a font?

What is Windows NT?

What is a CPM model?

What is an address bar?

Difference between numeric keypad and number keypad!

What is a TAN?

What is Full HD?

What is formatting hard drives?

What is calibration?

What is an exclusion list?

What means Windows Ten?

Windows Font Viewer?

What is Time Machine?

Windows notification area meaning?

What is a loose leaf binder?

What is Windows PE (WinPE)?

What is Drop and Drag?

What is a blue screen?

What is a pixel?

What is an SSD hard drive and SSHD?

What are Register-Tabs?

What is a boot disk?

Folder, Directory?

How can i translate WinBin2Iso in my language!

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